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Controversial performance of Ho Quynh Huong.

Night of Ho Quynh Huong is very elaborately investment

Night of Ho Quynh Huong is very elaborately investment. Image: Ly Vo Phu Hung.

- She claims "Colors of Ho Quynh Huong" is a show of effort and investment of money in his career. So that later you do not do concerts like that anymore?

- Till now, "Colors of Ho Quynh Huong" is a concert I'm most enthusiastic, and the future, no one could say anything. Anyway, his power is limited, when the slopes hard work is that, at full force with it all, there must be a time to rest and not be able to work to exhaustion. How long vacation, I still do not know.

- 5 years ago, with "I am a student," she had to go for bank loans, mortgages, now they put all their money. Why is she determined to risk that?

- Perhaps it was because of the nature god. When do I want to do the same. Someone asked me, to spend such a large amount, whether sold out can not revert back to capital, why I do it. I replied very fact that, two and a half hours on stage with me as well as two and a half hours in paradise. 2 ½ hours to get there, before the concert was a very long time for me to place and collect the money, then continue to live concerts. Artists are so special, they always do so because their hearts want and then to material problems. People who work around me, I sometimes fierce and masculine. I do not know how to explain but it seems all I do is natural and comes from the heart.

- Many people suspect that extended behind his back to her in concert against billions. How do real damage?

- From "I am a student," I said no one taking care of me, people did not believe. At this time I still own a great country only. If someone loves me, they can take care of my life. But it would be very rare to have a great country that are willing to spend money to have 2 billion and a half hours on stage. So I have to do it for yourself.

Controversial performance of Ho Quynh Huong. Image: Ly Vo Phu Hung.

- But when executing such passion, people also said Ho Quynh Huong goose game, played outstanding, especially when she sits on the lotus represents the Buddha songs. Her response to how public opinion?

- What I long to leave the taste of the night, while playing "exceptional" exists only in a very short moment, vague. Only sober people do not pursue it new.

There are two things I wanted to share: From time to time there are many actors she plays a Buddha sitting on lotus - it is only described for art, not so that they consider themselves Buddhist. When singing fun, I like her new love, with jazz, I like a girl in a musical, full of desire to dedicate love. Buddha also singing, I have to be very pure, spiritual - that incarnation. If you talk about spirituality, Buddhism is the sentence: Not looking far, the Buddha is at the center. I think all human beings in this life, if your soul at peace, compassion found blowing exhaust, then you have a Buddha.

- It seems that fasting is not only influenced to think that life in music even think of her?

- I am a vegetarian and it affects my life very much, from thought to action, words. People say "body and mind", all these things be changed so drastically. I myself did not realize when we look back the past. Thus, in "Colors of Ho Quynh Huong" - I have an array of spiritual music. Actually no big deal, just out of the chaos, between what is life like pop music, jazz, rock, black I want to silence the soul. Who knows in that moment, someone touches their hearts again?

The peace often leads to freeze right in their own lives. Sometimes I feel love, love life more, not mean I give up, cold life. But that was more difficult to find a sympathetic, because he will have to support me in my vegetarian diet, meditation or feel my soul. Just think, this life they can not eat a meal with her spiritual home, hearty - that guys do not know if that's not acceptable?

Musician Ha Dung fly from HCM City to see concerts of Ho Quynh Huong in Hanoi. Photo: Alec.

- A year ago, she married her husband once said to the fans to make her food and door. Why does the situation change so rapidly to 180 degrees?

- Update My husband was just a rumor. I never tell my own mouth to be married to someone. I have not confirmed the find your spouse. Everything happens naturally, not just last year and this year has changed so rapidly. Women's thirst I was hungry to sing, to give to this life. What about a wife and mother, it is predestined. If I no longer desire to art, in my youth no longer mean anything.

- In the night "Colors of Ho Quynh Huong in Hanoi, Ha Dung musicians have flown out rather quietly supporting her. She can not love because of heavy hearts with old or new for those who are not in the past?

- Previously, I and Ha Dung has great empathy. But now I've changed a lot, so if that is Ha Dung ago, is unlikely to be sympathetic with Ho Quynh Huong. In contrast, Ha Dung may not be accepted at the Ho Quynh Huong. Not because the ancients thought that I could love someone, just because I have not found people sympathetic to her. This time, I live very calm. If you love someone, just put your feelings into a severance, but no object to do that, emotions are divided into many people. It turns into love rather than love. That is great.

- But in a world cup race showbiz much, the sorrow does not have a shoulder to lean on, how do you overcome?

- Before, I was sad because many times no one to share. But recently, I had to find a balance when the spiritual world to be able to keep his peace. This hour I was calm the whole showbiz, does not want to race chen, Deleting the game or something way to get noticed. Those who aspire to material desire for location is not necessarily the artists heart. Real artists who only sing so desire and dedication. What if the audience loves me, I will sing and gift them with both love art. Does anyone want me to sing in a rivalry, bon chen Ho Quynh Huong is really not anymore.

- No more temperamental predominance of youth, you may find yourself getting old?

- Everybody has to grow up sometimes. Novice, is certain superficial. If there are no minutes of this, today you can not have lessons to find the truth of life. Maybe before I was too personality, too drastic, but said I was the very way to say it is unjust for me. It seems I'm not such a man. I do not think this technique every day to sit the other way, because I only make time for art only. I did one - who think positive, negative thought, that's life. Maybe now I should avoid the sun gradually trade things such non-market.